Competition time: Mute infographics needed - 500 MUTE to win!

July 8, 2021

Nobody is better placed than you, our community, to let us know how we can better educate others on the benefits of our upcoming DEX.


Which concepts did you find difficult to understand?

Was there any information that was hard to locate?

What aspect of the Mute ecosystem excites you the most?

Now is your chance to help others quickly learn more about us whilst being in with a chance to win up to 500 MUTE.

Mute Infographic Competition


Create an infographic on any aspect of our project. It could highlight the tokenomics, the tech stack, maybe a comparison to other L2 solutions or DAOs or an overview of the entire ecosystem.

✔ Upload your entry to a hosting site such as PostImages/Imgur and make the link known in our Discord or Telegram channel.

✔ Tag @gaz with your entry.

✔ @Jackieboy will pick the winner and runner up with a bonus prize for the community favourite.

✔ Closing date 31st July.


🥇 Winner = 400 MUTE

🥈 Runner up = 200 MUTE

🥉 Community favourite = 100 MUTE

The branding pack is here but otherwise artistic flair is welcome.

Feel free to take inspiration from or recreate any aspect of our current infographic.

Thank you and good luck!

-Mute team


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