DAO smart contracts certified - audit report and certificate released

April 3, 2021

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We're pleased to announce that our Mute DAO smart contracts, the backbone of our 'Voice Control' governance d-app, have been successfully audited by QuillHash.

This article details the method used and provides a link to the full audit report.

The audit procedure consisted of the following steps:

  1. 1) Automated testing of all governance-related contracts.
  2. 2) Manual review of the code with points of concern fed back to team.
  3. 3) Amendments pushed to GitHub & commits subject to further manual review
  4. 4) Final audit report & certificate provided

The initial report identified some areas of improvement, non of which were contract-breaking. Our development team resolved all of these issues at the first pass within a matter of hours.


While we are confident the contracts are using bug-free code, as with any smart contract used in blockchain applications this can not be guaranteed. However this report ensures the logical construct of the smart contracts has been checked over by an experienced third party to give confidence that bugs and vulnerabilities do not exist. We have made a request and have an open bounty at ReviewsDAO should an experienced member there wish to audit our DAO contracts further.

The audit report can be found here in full:

Download full report from QuillHash GitHub

What's next for the Mute DAO?

Next steps are launching the contracts and configuring the front end of the Voice Control governance d-app. Once this has been completed, we will send the DAO live and the VOICE community is able to participate in the process of submitting and voting on proposals to determine the course of the DAO.

We are also in the process of establishing the Mute Foundation, a non-profit organization operating within the ecosystem supporting and promoting the aims and activities of Mute in accordance of the nominated custodians and DAO governance system.

Lastly Matt, our lead developer (also known as J.B.), finally has a Twitter account! You can follow Matt for updates on the technical side and if that stuff really interests you, he'll be holding semi-regular devlog sessions starting in a few days time to discuss the audit.

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