Mute Switch: Front-end design reveal

May 8, 2021

The development of Mute Switch, an advanced yet simple private trading DEX powered by ZK-Rollups, continues apace and will be deployed on the Ropsten test network in the coming weeks.

Today we are able to reveal screenshots of how our private, fast, cheap and scalable automated market maker (AMM), will look.

Mute Switch

Depositing into Mute Switch

We want Mute Switch to be the easiest decentralized exchange (DEX) to use in crypto. Making it easy even for non-technical people to begin trading on Ethereum without the learning curve, high fees and waiting times.

Users arriving will be asked to connect their wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet, Metamask etc), and then move funds from Layer 1 (ethereum), to Layer 2 (which uses a secure and fully trustless zkRollup protocol, based on zkSync technology).

Mute Switch deposit

Mute Switch Wallet

Your funds will then be available in your very own Layer 2 wallet. Here, your assets are managed by a group of decentralized smart contracts.

Mute Switch wallet

You, and only you, have total control of your assets through private keys - this is trustless (based on cryptographic proofs), unlike alternate systems which carry counterparty risk by using centralized infrastructure. Your assets are safe and you can withdraw your assets to Layer 1 at any time.

Swapping on Layer-2

When ready to trade, Mute Switch makes the process quick, cheap and easy through its clearcut design. Simply choose the pair you wish to trade, add the amount you want to switch and action the trade.

To improve on the common Uniswap-style AMM layout, we decided to position the token pair selection uniquely, moving this into its own area to the left of the send/receive value inputs.

Mute Switch trading

What's next for Mute Switch?

Once the zkSync 2.0 testnet is available this month we will be finishing off the required integration work for the beta release. Internal testing will allow the low-hanging bugs to be resolved after which point we can make the beta product available for community testing.

For those wondering, the front-end will be closed source but the back-end contracts will be available on Github. We will be requesting a premium audit of these contracts at the earliest opportunity to provide confidence in the platform for both users and liquidity providers.

After it hits mainnet we can start work on integrating the buy-back and make mechanism into the ecosystem, which is a method of retaining and growing value for token holders of both MUTE and VOICE. We believe the unique governance features enabled by Voice Control will enhance the reputation of the Mute Switch as the go-to Layer-2 swap destination, backed by a simple but cutting edge trading experience, owned and run by its community.

It’s going to be an exciting few months…

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