NIX Platform rebrand: Introducing Mute, the new dual-token ZK-Rollup ecosystem

Feb. 26, 2021


Mute and Voice make cryptocurrency and DeFi trading more accessible to the masses.

We are excited to reveal that Mute is the new name for our ZK-Rollup ecosystem in a full NIX Platform rebrand exercise to better suit the move to ERC20. The relaunched website has just gone live on, and we can now also reveal the new names for our NIX and NBT tokens.

> MUTE is the new name for NIX

> VOICE is the new name for NBT

This rebrand brings the whole ecosystem together and highlights the exciting changes coming soon which will propel the project to a whole other level.

Why rebrand from NIX Platform?

NIX has long been known for its leading privacy functionality and the name is in keeping with that tradition, but there’s far more to these two names than that.

Recently we’ve seen Robinhood and Cash App restrict trading for their users at a time when they needed it most. Our new ecosystem won’t be governed by a single entity that can be leaned on by the legacy financial markets or be subjected to political pressure. The DEX will be permissionless and governed by the DAO, and everyone who owns VOICE will have a voice in the direction of this new ecosystem.

Mute Switch - the ZK-Rollup DEX dApp

We’re tired of seeing ‘ThisDEX or ThatSWAP’ everywhere so we thought, why not differentiate from this nomenclature by going our own way, and launching our dApp on completely unique branding?

The upcoming DEX will run on our ZK-Rollup ecosystem, meaning trading will be cheaper and more scalable, but not just that - transactions will be zero knowledge, ensuring nobody can see into your wallet history. This is the value proposition of Mute Switch, our easy-to-use L2 swap platform that runs on Ethereum and will later be interoperable with other smart chains.

Voice Control - the ZK-Rollup DAO dApp

Mute is also a unique grassroots DAO governed by holders of VOICE, allowing the ecosystem to be controlled by it's holders. Before the Mute Switch dApp goes live, we’ll be launching our governance dApp which will be branded as Voice Control.

Voice Control will allow proposals to be created by Controllers. Controllers include holders of 500 VOICE, and smaller holders with additional voting weight delegated, to a minimum value of 500 VOICE.

The new names are something that everyone can relate to and convey the spirit and function behind the dual-token setup while being short, simple, and easy to spell and pronounce.

MUTE & VOICE - The future

Now that we know more about the new names, let’s look at the future.

Around the world, we are seeing increasing invasions of privacy and the de-platforming of those that fight back against the system. Users of Mute Switch can determine their own fate and play by their own rules through Voice Control, by holding VOICE.

Uniswap was a fantastic innovation and has opened up decentralized trading for the masses, but anyone who has used the platform knows it has its issues. When the market is at peak FOMO and you need to react quickly, transactions can slow and their costs sky rocket, which hurts your wallet. Mute Switch utilises ZK-Rollups so trade can happen on L2 away from the congested Ethereum blockchain, and VOICE holders can decide on fees to ensure they always remain competitive.

Mute makes cryptocurrency and DeFi trading more accessible to the masses.

Join the revolution.

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