unMUTEd 1: Comprehensive project report for the month of May.

June 2, 2021

MUTE is growing with each day that passes. In our maximum capacity, we are relentlessly working towards realizing Mute’s propositions and delivering highly efficient products while maintaining a healthy community ecosystem. As regards this, the past few months have been an intriguing one for us and everyone on the Mute ecosystem…and the crypto space as a whole.

We are working on all rounds to create and maintain a balance between technical growth, marketing growth and community growth as well. To achieve this, our attention is evenly divided amongst these aspects of the Mute project. These efforts have materialized in plausible milestone achievements in each of these areas in this past couple of weeks.

With so much happening during this time, here are some highlight events;

Mute Switch front-end reveal

Mute Switch deposit

With our highly anticipated DEX, we plan to deliver the best user experience. To achieve this, we are adopting the best technologies to ensure a highly efficient platform. However, we are not limiting our effort to this; we acknowledge the impact of a highly aesthetic application too. We have designed our application to not only work well, but also to give it the best possible outlook while avoiding extreme and bogus designs. Mute switch’s design is ‘user-focused’. We considered all categories of possible users and have put up a design which maintains a balance between these different levels of exposure and personality.

After undergoing rigorous design processes, we are super excited to present to you the User interface design of our Private, feeless and highly efficient decentralized exchange.

Give your eyes a treat! Click here to View. The presentation shows the designs for the most prominent interfaces of the Mute Switch. We are deploying the application to Ropsten network as we commence testing and further development processes to ensure stability pending final release.

NIX-MUTE swap continues

Following our re-brand from NIX platform; we have developed a platform to aid and monitor the conversion of the old NIX tokens to the new MUTE token. The process is continuous and we hope to have every NIX token swapped to MUTE as we continue this chapter of our evolution.

We have opened the token swap portal for the time span which the old NIX blockchain will stay running; this is speculated for 30th June. After this period of time, the swap portal will be closed and the NIX blockchain antiquated while we concentrate all efforts on MUTE and the new Ecosystem.

We therefore encourage all old token holders to follow the provided guide and ensure to swap their NIX holdings before this speculated time. Swap ratio is 1:1. Swap portal is always open and the swap process is automated.

Follow this guide to swap your tokens

Mute Switch inches closer!

There’s so much going on with MUTE, and we haven’t been mute…literally! We are active on all fronts and working tirelessly towards achieving every goals of the project and driving value for Mute, its ecosystem and the community as a whole. Our decentralized exchange is unarguably the most anticipated product and our community have been a strong back-bone through this strive. Earlier on, we announced the release of the Mute switch’s user interface design as well as a launching the back-end on the testing network.

We are putting the pieces together and the MUTE project is waxing stronger. All hands are on deck and we will ensure to leave no stone unturned as we draw closer to the initial release of Mute switch and other products of the Mute ecosystem.

Voice control is here; Take charge!

To every successful project is an enthusiastic community; with this in mind, we have devised a means to return the power of decision making to the MUTE community. To ensure that this power is unhampered and impartial, we have adopted a decentralized autonomous governance system with the power of franchise vested on our Governance token – VOICE. Voice token’s power of franchise hence vests on its holders. Holders own a relative piece of MUTE’s governance. Voice token holders are able to vote on developmental and governance proposals and as well submit their own proposal(s).

To automate this governance process and simplify things for Voice holders, we have launched the VOICE CONTROL. Voice control is the ‘governance portal’ of the Mute ecosystem, Voice holders are able to assess and vote on pending proposals on the portal. It simplifies the voting process and presents a more transparent decision-making poll.

Audited and certified!


With so many irregularities going on in the crypto space recently, investors are left with the hard decision of trusting the credibility of new and existing projects’ smart contracts. This necessitates an audit to certify the stability and credibility of cryptocurrency projects’ smart contracts. This goes a long way to affirm investors’ trust and strengthen community dedication.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Quillhash, a reputable smart contract auditing firm to verify our governance token’s smart contract and ensure a bug-free smart contract. After due process we are pleased to announce that we have received a certificate of compliance from Quillhash. This reiterates the credibility of the smart contract agreements of VOICE, our governance token.

It’s been an amazing run of events; we are entering the new month with more optimism and motivation. We appreciate the continued support of the Mute community, and encourage continued support as we keep growing and improving the Mute project.

Happy new month, stay tuned and use your VOICE!

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